New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success

This is the time when many of us think about what we can do to have a more productive and rewarding New Year. If being more successful in your career is on your list, here are a few ideas to consider.

Recent Graduate – Getting Started

  • The job market is still tough. Look for an intern position to gain experience and demonstrate your capabilities. Check with your college or university intern office or websites such as craigslist or

Young Employee

  • You want to demonstrate your capabilities in a meaningful role or project. Learn about the top priorities of your organization. Talk to your manager about your skills, interests and goals. Work together to find a task or project assignment you can handle.
  • Read about the Employee Engagement Mindset to learn actions you can take to put yourself in charge of your career.
  • Ask questions. Ask to go along with another employee on an assignment or visit.
  • Join a community of practice or network focusing on your role or discipline. Volunteer to work with an expert to write-up a procedure and ask other experienced employees to review it. Volunteer to help maintain the community’s website.

Just Promoted

  • Take time to talk to your predecessor, new peers and manager. Learn details of the new assignment, your roles and responsibilities, other people you need to know and how your success will be measured.
  • Expand your personal network. Develop relationships with colleagues in other parts of the organization. Become a “connector” between different departments. This will help you understand the bigger picture and suggest innovative solutions.

A Manager

  • Engaged employees will contribute to your success. Read about the Employee Engagement Mindset for ideas on how you can create a great environment.
  • The skills and experience of your team are critical for accomplishing your goals. You are accountable for developing your team and retaining expertise. Talk with your employees to understand their goals and interests. Create development plans to provide opportunities to gain knowledge and experience.

Thinking About Retirement

  • Find your successor and help him or her get ready to take over.
  • Look for opportunities to mentor others. Help them get involved in special projects.
  • Share thoughts on how you solve problems or handle complex tasks. By learning this “mental model”, younger employees can cut years off their time to competency.

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