International Knowledge Transfer (BRIC)

Over the last year I have been fortunate to be invited to present my ideas on “Unlocking the Value of Knowledge” to business groups in India, Brazil and Russia. These represent three of the four “BRIC” countries (including China) that are at a similar stage of advanced economic development. These groups understand that global competition requires much more than low cost geography. Sustainable competitive advantage will come from the intellectual capital of their workforce.

Starting from the top CEO priorities (business growth, talent development and innovation) I described how knowledge transfer can accelerate competency, increase workforce performance and deliver tangible business value in terms managers understand: increased revenue, lower costs and improved quality and customer satisfaction.  I also shared examples of practical ways I accomplish these results with Chevron and other clients. Integrating knowledge transfer into existing operations and HR processes is a great way to invest in people to build the necessary skills and experience to meet business goals.

Two of these events were organized by local KM organizations.  Brazil’s conference (4th annual) was hosted by Rose Oliveira and The KNOW Network Brasil. Russia’s conference (2nd annual) was hosted by Khatuna Eletskih and Vostock Capital. In India I collaborated with Microsoft for visits with ten large corporations and public sector enterprises. Each group has a similar goal: raising local companies to world class performance in knowledge transfer and innovation practices. My observations and the feedback from these events confirmed that the local organizations are making a big difference in accelerating KM competency.

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